How do you remain safe at the management of ENT emergencies in children if you are not an expert working at a specialist childrens hospital? Well our consultants have tackled this difficult problem.

They are now responsible for the design and delivery of a UK simulation-based training course for consultant ENT surgeons ( Simulation is the re-enactment of real life events and experiences within a safe learning environment for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. Simulation uses patient models and computers to practice managing medical emergencies in a lifelikeway, without endangering acutely unwell patients.

The course is delivered on behalf of ENT:UK, the professional body responsible for ENT surgeons in the UK. This internationally acclaimed course started in 2013 and there are now 4-5 courses delivered throughout the UK each year.

Responsibility for this course reflects our consultants committments to medical education and improving the safety of children with emergency ENT illnesses. Our consultants are also increasingly asked to lecture and deliver similar simulation-based training internationally.