Congratulations! Children’s Audiologist of the Year

Adam Walker from the Manchester Children’s ENT Clinic wins prestigious award! Another reason for choosing our team… […]

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Glue ear in children: a blog series

Hi. Here is the introduction to a series of blogs regarding glue ear and childhood hearing loss…In this series, I will consider treatment options, shared decision making, and management strategies in children with, and without, additional needs. […]

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I’ve been told my child has glue ear…

Glue ear (Also known as otitis media with effusion/OME) is a common childhood condition characterized by the accumulation of fluid within the middle ear, without signs of acute infection. […]

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HEARRING Network Meeting: Perth, Western Australia – November 2017

Having presented at the HEARRING Network Meeting in Perth, Western Australia last week, here are the key points from my lectures: […]

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