Audiology blog by Adam Walker: Making sense of OAEs, TEOAEs, DPOAEs & ABRs

Check out this blog from Adam Walker (Audiological Scientist) at Spire Manchester Hospital & Manchester Children’s ENT Clinic:

What is an Otoacoustic Emission (OAE)?

An OAE is essentially a measure of the function of the outer hair cells in the cochlea.  There are two methods of eliciting an OAE: […]

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Parents- Audiology blob about hearing and hearing tests

Adam Walker, Audiological Scientist

How do we hear?

Sound is actually vibration of air molecules, these air molecules are funnelled into our ear canal by our ‘external ear’ and they travel down the canal until they hit the eardrum.  This causes the eardrum to vibrate, which in turn causes the three little bones inside the ‘middle […]

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Presentation: Acute Ear Pain in Children

Many thanks to Salford Primary Care Together and Spire Manchester Hospital for inviting me to lecture on Acute Ear Pain in Children […]

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