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ESPO 2018: Outcome Reporting in Cochlear Implantation

ESPO 2018, Stockholm

The importance and need for benefit & outcome data we can meaningfully compare and contrast.

BRUCE CI Outcomes ESPO 2018


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ESPO 2018: Cochlear Implantation in Cognitive Impairment & Autism

Here is my invited presentation at the European Society for Paediatric ORL meeting, Stockholm.

Covers issues relating to implanting children with cognitive impairment and autism/ASD.


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Hearing Preservation Cochlear Implant- Cochlear CI422/522

European Society for Paediatric ORL, Stockholm 2018

Check out our results using this electrode array for hearing preservation.

CI 422522Poster

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What’s it like to have a Cochlear Implant?

Check out this blog from Martha (aged 9 years) that i met last week…


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Tongue Ties- do they need divided?

This article i wrote for the latest Spire Manchester Patient Newsletter may be of interest to Parents, Midwifes and Family Doctors…

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What is Hearing Preservation Cochlear Implantation?

What is Hearing Preservation Cochlear Implantation?

A blog for Parents, Patients & Professionals.


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WHO paper on hearing loss- WE NEED TO ACT NOW

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Rallying cry for the need for hearing screening, prevention, treatment and (re)habilitation.

Global Hearing Health_future directions_Bulletin of the WHO 2018

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Mucopolysaccharidosis: Top 10 facts about the airway

Airway involvement in MPS can be multilevel and progressive.
In MPS 4 tracheal narrowing can happen due to disproportionate growth between the trachea and the skeleton.
In MPS 1 & 2 airway compromise can result from the collection of GAG deposits in the lining of the airway.
Airway obstruction in MPS can involve anywhere from […]

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Lecture: ENT problems in children with Cleft Palate

Here’s the edited version- clinical images removed- of today’s lecture in Porto, Portugal.


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Key Points: Facial Nerve Palsy in Children

Here’s are my key point slides for tomorrow’s lecture in Porto, Portugal. […]

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