March 2020

Children’s ENT surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. 25/03/2020.

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How can you help your child with hearing loss during the COVID-19 outbreak?

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Check out this helpful advice from our Paediatric Audiologist, Adam Walker.

Please note we are offering telephone consultations whilst the ‘lock-down’ and practice restrictions are in place. Interested? Contact Jo at

Listening Advice during the COVID-19 pandemic- Manchester Children’s ENT Clinic

COVID-19 : Temporary changes to our service at Spire Manchester Hospital

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Hello everyone,

In response to the advice received from the UK Government and ENT UK we are temporarily unable to provide Face-2-Face consultations for private sector patients, either at Spire Manchester Hospital or the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Likewise, non-emergency ENT operating is currently suspended at both sites.

As an NHS Consultant i am proud of the […]

April 2019

Adam Walker (Audiology)- children’s hearing aids

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Here are the main points from Adam’s lecture at the 1st Paediatric Hearing Aids course.

Preparing the Parents – key points were to build up trust with parents by being honest and not avoiding difficult conversations
Strategies for testing – key points were to be flexible in approach to testing and think about what we are testing […]

August 2018

Pinnaplasty- surgery for prominent ears

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Check out my blog from the journal:


July 2018

What are conventional Hearing Aids?

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Check out this Blog from Adam Walker (Audiological Scientist) about conventional air conduction hearing aids!

What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a device that amplifies sound according to the patient’s hearing levels, to provide access to the frequencies at which the patient does not hear as well as they should.  […]

GP & Allied Healthcare Professionals Talk

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Sorry for the late posting!

Was great to meet with the General Practitioners & Allied HCPs at the co-delivered YHPA/Spire Manchester event last month. […]

Shared decision making in childhood glue ear

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Check out my invited presentation from BACO 2018!




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Check out my presentation at BACO 2018 today!

A surgeon’s perspective on CI with attempted preservation of residual natural hearing in children & young people.


June 2018

Cochlear Implantation in children born prematurely

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Check out our poster from ESPO 2018! Click on the link to read the poster: prem ci

Outcomes more variable than in children not born prematurely, with a child’s ability to learn being a crucial factor determining outcome. Parents need counselling that CI is an entirely appropriate intervention in selected young children with severe/profound hearing loss and […]