Paediatric Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia for your child’s operation will be provided by a team trained specifically in the care of children. Once you and your child have been admitted to the ward you will be seen by a Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist.

They will perform a comprehensive pre-operative assessment and plan an anaesthetic technique tailored to your child’s individual needs. All aspects of your child’s operative journey will be discussed with you at this meeting.

This discussion will include whether your child would benefit from receiving some medication, in the form of a drink, to calm their nerves before coming to theatre. We will also explain, in detail, how the anaesthetic will be performed and what option will be best for your child. This will include a description to you and your child of both intravenous and gas anaesthesia.

The Consultant Anaesthetist will also explain what type of pain relief your child will receive during and after the operation and also explain whether anti-sickness medication will be required.

One parent/carer will be able to accompany your child to the anaesthetic room and stay with them until they are fully anaesthetised. Once the procedure is completed, a nurse from the ward will escort you to the recovery room, where you will be able to sit with your child until they are ready to return to the ward.

All medication that may be required once back on the ward will be prescribed by the anaesthetist during the operation.